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        After finishing the processing and opening a new SarProz session , is it possible to re-plot the Histograms and Graphs of showing the Coherence (both before and after APS removal)??.

        I have saved the Parameters and the Coherence in the Sparse Points Processing section, and then I’ve tried to map the Coer. First and Coer. Second in View Parameters but the sw says the matrix is empty, are these parameters containing the Coherence before and after APS?


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          Hi Santiago,
          this is a small misunderstanding. To answer your question we firstly need to clarify some parameter names.
          – Temporal Coherence: it’s the coherence calculated from the time series phase residues (the classic PSI parameter)
          – Synthetic Coherence: it will be removed. It was a simulation
          – Spatial Coherence: it’s the mean interferometric coherence calculated as the average of a set of interferograms (decided by the loaded images graph)
          – Coher. First and Coher. Second: it’s the temporal coherence that is calculated only when you are processing 2 sensors together (e.g. ERS and Envisat). In such case, beside the temporal coherence (calculated on all data), other 2 coherence values are calculated by considering separately the data acquired by the 2 sensors.

          If you want to plot other coherence values, you have to use different ways.
          If you want to re-create the plots generated in the APS module, you just need to load the AutoConnex.mat file. Such file is auto-saved after processing the graph connections in the APS module. Then you can re-generate those plots.

          If you want to see the impact of the APS, you can do something else: from the Sparse Points processing module, you can select a set of points, read the height/velocity (or whatever) previously estimated, and calculate the coherence with and/or without reading the APS.
          Please consider that, to speed up such operations, you can save the phase/APS and decide whether to load them or not in each experiment

          Also, be aware that you can plot those parameters in matrix form or using sparse points plots.

          Let me know if it is clearer.

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            Hello Daniele,

            Thanks you, now it is clear for me


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