Sarproz Release 2016.30

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    Changes/new features in the new Sarproz version:

    – a new option is now available in the APS module: you can export time series directly from there, without processing the MISP. This option is particularly useful in difficult cases when the MISP analysis is not converging. This function is generating a TS object that you can load from the Time Series module.
    – many changes have been implemented in the core processing algorithms of APS/MISP modules. Changes apply especially in the joint use of smart option (non-parametric displacement estimation) and non-star graphs. Some improvements touched also the space integration of residuals for APS estimation.
    – you can now import all channels of full-polarization images. This option however at the moment works for single images. We will implement in the future the possibility to coregister multiple images with multiple polarization channels. We will also develop polar and polisar capabilities.
    – a new weather module has been designed by Yuxiao. Besides managing the weather data download, you can now plot several infos, visualize them in a table, export in csv format. You can now see from which stations data were downloaded, time, locations, precipitations, and much more.
    – a new general format has been implemented for data import. This is particularly useful for manually importing any SAR images with minimal information. An example are airborne images.

    Other minor changes and bug fixes are available as usual.

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    this is my second experience with the MISP/time series module, and I am getting an error I did not get for the first time, so maybe I did something wrong, but in the previous version (21-Mar), it still works.

    Thank you, Ivana

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    Hi Ivana,

    thanks for the feedback, it’s a bug, we are uploading a fix, it will be ready online soon!

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