Sarproz Manual and Documentation

The Sarproz documentation is still under development. In particular, Sarproz itself is continuously under development. Sarproz is in fact a very flexible tool, and several collaborations around the world are keeping the Developer busy in adding/modifying features in Sarproz. Be aware in any case that continuity has been constantly guaranteed since the software conception.

The documentation comes in 3 different formats:

  • Online manual. An html manual can be found online. The manual has an index pointing to all Sarproz modules. A short description is available for most of them.
  • Help files embedded in Sarproz. At any time of the Sarproz execution, help files can be accessed by selecting on the “main” window the “Help Mode” function. In Help Mode, clicking on buttons will open message windows reporting modules description, instead of executing them.
  • Tutorials of training courses. Several SAR/InSAR training course have been taught by the Developer, using Sarproz as software platform for practical’s. Some of them are available online.