Sarproz Processing Modules/Options


Example of Atmospheric Phase Screen Processing Module

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image processing: SLC coregistration, SLC equalization and calibration, Reflectivity Map calculation, extraction of pointwise targets.
  • SAR Interferometry (InSAR): orbital data processing, interferogram calculation, interferogram flattening, interferogram filtering, phase unwrapping.
  • Differential SAR Interferometry (DInSAR): DEM conversion and resampling, topographic phase removal, residual phase processing, motion estimation.
  • Stacking of Differential Interferograms (SDInSAR): processing of series of interferograms for atmospheric delay suppression and motion estimation.
  • Persistent Scatterers InSAR (PSI): full-processing chain for ground average deformation trend, ground elevation and atmospheric delay estimation.
  • Urban Advanced PSI: PS real targets identification and classification (roofs, poles, dihedrals, trihedrals, fences, floor gratings, …).
  • Temporary PSI: estimation of temporary targets (new constructions, demolitions, short-time structures)
  • Multiple scattering centers PSI: estimation of double or multiple scattering centers per resolution cell in urban sites.
  • Non-Linear PSI: estimation of non-linear trends (seasonal polynomial and non-parametric) in target displacement.
  • Quasi-PSI: an advanced technique to estimate ground average deformation and ground elevation in areas where no PS targets can be detected.
  • Unwrapped-PSI: time series analysis of unwrapped interferograms.
  • Multi-Sensor analysis: combination (coherent or un-coherent) of data acquired by different sensors, with different characteristics (frequency, polarization, …) under different geometries
  • DEM processing based on InSAR/Multi-Temporal InSAR results for DTM and/or DSM extraction
  • Change detection exploiting pairs of images.
  • Time Series Change detection exploiting image time series.
  • Image classification based on results of previous modules (partly under development).

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