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Sarproz Application Form
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  • A Small Area Demo version allows only the use of the Small Area Module. Most of the Sarproz functions are available for testing, however, only small-area pre-processed data can be analyzed. A Small Area Sarproz version can be used for educational purposes. To test it, a Small Area Demo version comes with a pre-processed data-stack.
  • A Full Demo version is a fully functional Sarproz version that comes with a time-limited license for evaluation purposes.
  • Pcodes are Matlab protected scripts that run in the Matlab environment. A Matlab license is needed to run the pcodes. The Sarproz Pcodes version allows advanced users to develop easily their own software extensions.
  • A Sarproz Compiled version is independent from Matlab and does not require a Matlab license.
  • To run Sarproz on an offline computer, a USB dongle is needed. A fee will be charged for the Dongle and its shipment.
  • To run Sarproz without a dongle the computer must be connected to internet.