Dongle Instructions

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SARPROZ license with USB dongle

If you want to run Sarproz on an offline computer (with no access to internet), then you need a USB dongle (available for a fee).

The software will still try to access internet, but it will not stop working if no connection is found.

To install a USB dongle, you need a small set of libraries appropriate for your operating system. You will receive them together with the Dongle: copy the library files in the Sarproz directory.

The USB dongle must be plugged in a USB port before launching the software and during the whole execution. If you plug it out, the software will not work properly and it may stop at any time.

At the first execution, Sarproz will ask you to fill a form with your data. This process will create a license.key file in the Sarproz directory (similar to the normal licensing case without dongles). You have to send the license.key file to the developer to get the authorization to execute Sarproz.

Once you will get the license.key, copy it in the Sarproz directory replacing the previous one. You have then 24 hours to run the software. This procedure will bind the USB dongle to the license.key file and vice-versa, sharing the authorization to run the software.

The USB dongle license allows you to run Sarproz also on other computers. However, since the USB dongle must be plugged in, you can run Sarproz only on one computer at a time with a single dongle. Moreover, each computer needs a different license.key file. Hence, to install Sarproz on a new computer, you have to fill a new form and generate a new license.key file, which will still need authorization from the developer.

In case of license expiration, contact the developer. A particular procedure is needed to extend the dongle license.

In brief:

  • Plug in the USB dongle
  • Copy the dongle libraries in the Sarproz directory
  • Run the software (check the installation instructions for more details)
  • Fill in the license application form
  • Send the license.key file to the developer
  • Once you get the authorized license.key file, replace the previous one
  • Run the software again within 24 hours from the authorization to validate the license
  • If you want to run the software on a different computer, generate a new license.key, send it to the developer and replace it with the authorized one