Installation Instructions

To install Sarproz, first of all you have to decide which version you need.

If you have a Matlab license, you can use the pcodes version (p-files are Matlab obfuscated files. You can run them in Matlab, making it easier to integrate them with your own codes. But you cannot modify p-files).

If you do not have a Matlab license, you have to use a compiled version. Compiled versions are Operating System (OS) – dependent. So, depending on the OS of your workstation, you will need the compiled version for Windows, Linux or Mac.

To apply for a copy of Sarproz, fill in this form.

In the links below you can find detailed installation instructions. Be aware that to run Sarproz you need a license. The license is based on a file that you need to create on your workstation and that you need to send to the Sarproz Team for authorization. Only after receiving back the authorized file, you will be able to properly run Sarproz.

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