License Instructions

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SARPROZ license generation

At the first execution of SARPROZ, personal data and email address will be asked for. Fill the form that will appear; a license file will be created.

Usually, the license file is automatically sent. In case of errors, send it manually by email to licensing <at> sarproz <dot> com.

The license file is created in the directory from which SARPROZ is executed (ex of location of license file: c:\SARPROZ\license.key).

After receiving the authorized license file, replace the old one with the new one. After that, you can run the tool.

NOTE: keep always the command prompt visible to read the tool messages. And read the software messages. It will save time to everybody.

NOTE: if anything goes wrong in the license generation (you get messages about that), to re-generate the correct license file, you have firstly to delete the old one.

NOTE: the license is machine-depending, but not its name (“license.key” for all machines). If you are installing the tool on multiple machines, add a counter to your name to identify the machine on which the license file was created. It will appear in the email you will receive.

NOTE: the license file is sent to the email address you filled in the form. Please add licensing <at> sarproz <dot> com among your contacts. Email providers as gmail may place it in the spam folder.

NOTE: the software needs an internet connection for license purposes. In Windows, you may need to add Matlab among trusted programs to allow internet access.

NOTE: if you want to run Sarproz on an offline computer (without internet connection), you need to apply for an USB dongle.

NOTE: from February 2014, licensing-related errors are returned with a code. To get assistance, report the error code returned by the software.