ALOS 2 SCANSAR Displacement Result Error

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      Hello Professor.

      Currently, i’m processing ALOS PALSAR 2 SCANSAR data. I use the DInSAR method to see the displacement and the single interferometry processing module in Site Processing module. I’m trying to see the result of displacement, but i notice something weird. The bar didn’t show negative result, instead it’s only show positive result. Then, i try to change the conversion to height (m) and the result is similiar.

      Did i make a mistake in the process ? Didi the result is right ?
      I’ll attach screenshots of the image.

      Thanks !

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      Hi Rajabun,
      this is indeed a visualization bug. What is visualized is the content of the jpeg images which is written in a 0-255 scale. While we work to fix it, you can circumvent the bug by temporarily change the Max Matrix Size value in the advanced parameters In your case, you should write a value equal to 50,000,000. If you have a limited RAM, you may want then to restore the default value of the Max Matrix Size.

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      Thanks for your reply, Professor.

      I was able to write the value of Max Matrix Size according to your suggession, equal to 50.000.000, in the advanced parameters. However, i still notice something weird in the result. The result of displacement and height are still similiar. The height isn’t similiar with the DEM.

      Is my statement correct ? Or there is a mistake in my statement ?

      Another question, can i change the range in the colorbar manually ?
      For example, i want to change the range in displacement result between 100 mm and -100 mm.
      Is it possible ?

      I hope you and your team could fix the visualization bug as soon as possible


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