• In the time series module you can do mainly 2 things:
    1. creating a new time series object, based on whatever set of points you want. For doing that (a) you need the data of the whole project to generate new time series and (b) you need to load the set of points using “load mask”. There you are free to create your custom point selection
    2. loading…[Read more]

  • periz started the topic Sarproz Release 2021.0 in the forum Sarproz Forum 1 month ago

    Dear all,
    after more than one year of pandemic, lockdowns and all related issues and troubles, we want to summarize a bit what is going on about Sarproz.

    As you know, we have switched to an online remote mode for delivering Sarproz courses. Next SAR/InSAR Sarproz course will be held in June. Please write to courses at sarproz…[Read more]

  • periz replied to the topic Spatial Ramps in the forum Sarproz Forum 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Duminda,
    to give you a proper advice we need to see your data. Please be patient a few days, it’s a busy time. Please write an email to support, we’ll get back to you soon.

  • periz replied to the topic in the forum Big dataset processing 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    ASI and reflectivity maps are calculated using the set of images of your dataset, independently from the images graph (which is something related to operations involving pairs of images)
    this means, if you change the set of images, you have to reprocess ASI and REFL maps

  • periz replied to the topic in the forum Big dataset processing 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    if you select your points based e.g. on the amplitude stability index == ASI > 0.75 and you get the same amount of points in subsets A, B and C, the explanation is only one: ASI is the same in the 3 datasets.
    Instead, for each subset you have to re-process the ASI so that you will get 3 quantities: ASI_A, ASI_B and ASI_C

  • Hi,
    at the moment we do not have an option to generate a matrix of incidence angle values for all pixels, accessible from the compiled version. You can get it only using the pcodes, because it’s a low-level function. However, do you really need this value for all pixels? if you are not analyzing a huge area, probably an average value is enough. To…[Read more]

  • periz replied to the topic Temporary PSI in the forum Sarproz Forum 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    here you can see how to process and check amplitude time series (part III):
    To use the result of the amplitude time series processing in the phase time series analysis, you just need to use the amplitude model as weight.
    For a more complete discussion and explanation, the best way would be taking a…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    generally speaking, read carefully this:
    In your case, given this message: “get_master_pts: previous files available. Exiting. ”
    start over the whole process again (don’t update the site, re-extract the master image)

  • hi,
    here some answers to your points
    1) if you use the non-parametric approach (e.g. smart=5), the software does not estimate a linear trend. what you can export instead is the cumulative displacement
    2) sorry, don’t understand your question
    3) ‘External DEM and synthetic amplitude in SAR coordinates’ is a function to generate those products. you…[Read more]

  • periz replied to the topic Coregistartion in the forum Sarproz Forum 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    1. you have an old software version, if you want you can get a more recent one with the manage version module
    2. in some cases that might still be under investigation sentinel interferograms can be affected by phase jumps along the range direction between two adjacent bursts in azimuth. the message you got warns you of such a possible case

  • hi
    here you can see some explanations
    just import a text files with a column of values of temperature in Celsius degrees, one value for each image. Ideally, the temperature should be measured at the satellite acquisition time

  • Hi,
    when you get messages as:
    * internet access failure
    * to start the tool, an internet connection is required
    it means, your network has problems, the software cannot access the servers to get the information to start.
    it’s a network problem: either your internet provider, or your area, or your country or any other restrictions affecting your…[Read more]

  • 1. please read the forum rules. you must include logs and errors or we cannot help
    2. please read through the fourm
    3. please update your sarproz version.
    any further topics posted without checking the forum, without uploading enough infos, without updating the software will…[Read more]

  • your network has problems.
    change the network or use a VPN

  • periz replied to the topic aps test problem in the forum Sarproz Forum 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    This is a matlab MCR crash, happening while writing a file.
    possible reasons:
    * the disk is full
    * the disk is corrupted
    However, other explanations are possible as well. What’s the RAM of your system? Monitor its usage. Possible related reasons:
    * RAM is over and you do not have a swap space and/or the swap space is not available/is corrupted
    *…[Read more]

  • the license for windows is different from the one for linux/mac
    did you do this?:
    1) open a terminal (2) type ‘hostname’ (3) ping the returned name (eg: ping mycomputername)
    (4) if no packets are received, add the name returned by ‘hostname’ to the file /etc/hosts

  • the smart function is a non parametric model, basically a time filter that smooths residuals. thermal expansion is a function of temperature, which has a smooth component in time (like a sinusoid with 1 year period), but also higher frequencies fluctuations. the smart model would compensate only for the smooth component, while actual temperatures…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    1. in the APS module the aim is estimating the APS, not the model parameters.
    2. the APS is estimated from phase residuals. phase residuals = original phase – model. if the model is wrong, phase residuals will be wrong and the APS will be wrong.
    If you have non linear signals, given the 2 above statements, you should either estimate as well as…[Read more]

  • there is some conflict between your operating system/hardware/software configuration and the Matlab MCR. Write to support at sarproz dot come and ask for the Sarproz version compiled with matlab 2017. it might solve your issue

  • hi
    you are trying to read a geocoded interferogram. geocoded data should be read with proper tools, as gis engines. or otherwise just import the geotif file in any coding environment, if u have geotif libraries.
    leggi/scrivi are functions to be used in sarproz with sarproz-format data in SAR coordinates

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