ALOS coregistration update error

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    Dear prof. Perissin,

    I’m trying to update already well coregistered dataset of ALOS images with a new, highly shifted ones. Therefore I’m using higher Delta values for slaves extraction, Coarse XCorr, larger ref. window and DEM for coregistration.

    However, I encountered following error during coregistration (please see attached log file):

    ‘Field assignment to a non-structure array object.’

    I’ve noticed that there is a recent post reporting similar issue regarding the Sentinel images. Though as mentioned there, it should be fixed in new version (19.June), which I’m using.

    Additional question: if image shifts are larger than thousands of pixels, should I also increase the “search pixel”?

    Many thanks,

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    Looks like we overlooked your post…
    Did you solve the issue?
    You don’t need to increase the search pixel: the initial cross-correlation is used to estimate and remove the big shifts. Increase the search pixel only if you think that shifts change significantly within the image (e.g. because of a huge stretch).
    We cannot debug your lasterror because you are using a version of Matlab where this option has been disabled. If you cannot use an older matlab version (like 2014) then we can give you a compiled one and you can reproduce the error.
    let me know

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