Amplitude Stability Index in SARproZ

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    I have few queries regarding PS point selection criteria in SARproZ.
    1. In APS module > Sprase Point Selection Parameter, Amplitude Dispersion is termed as Amplitude Stability. Am I right?
    2. How can I relate Amplitude Dispersion (mu/sigma) to Amplitude Stability Index (1-(sigma/mu)). For example, How can I select PSC with Amp. Dispersion < 0.25?
    3. From tutorials I understood that Threshold parameter always takes greater than the values specified. If I use Amp. Stability Index > 0.75, is it same as Amp. Dispersion < 0.25? If this is not the case, What will be the Amp. Stability Index value for Amp. Dispersion = 0.25?

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    Hi Sekhar,
    in Sarproz parameters you find both “ampl. stab. index 1-sigma/mu”=ASI and “ampl. stab mu/sigma”=SA
    what you call Ampl. Dispersion is DA=sigma/mu=1/SA
    since in the APS module points over the threshold are selected, then you have to use ASI > .75
    otherwise, you can apply more complex conditions (>< || && on multiple parameters) in the scatter plot module and then save a subselection of points
    you can then load such subselection in the APS module

  • sekhar

    Thanks a lot for clarification..

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