APD (phase calibration)

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    Hi dear staffs,
    I have a stack of TSX SLC dataset and my question was how to prepare the data stack for tomography. My first guess was baseline calibration that I asked in a question a week ago and it was answered.
    But now I am almost sure that the reason for unsuccessfulness of TomoSAR inversion is “phase calibration” related to Atmospheric Phase Distortion issue.
    Can you help me in this that what should be done after coregistration to have a phase-distortion free stack be means of SARPROZ software?
    Your help is appreciated.

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    With one sentence you are asking to be taught about MTInSAR from the beginning to the end.
    The most complete answer we can give you is: study well the material you find on the website.
    Then you should talk with your supervisor and he could consider inviting us to give a course in your university.

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