APS estimation: low connection coherence value


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    It is the first time I am trying to do Multi-temporal analysis to calculate subsidence of a bridge. APS Estimation for it is not working well – I assume due to the fact that the bridge is quite long (18 km), the bridge itself becomes an isolated area (graph of connections attached at 0.8). I was trying to fix it by lowering a bit the Threshold of Sparce Points Selection, but with Thres. at both 0.8 and 0.75 Connections Velocity and Connections Cumulative Displacement don’t peak at 0 (graph of estimated parameters at 0.75 attached) and coherence after removing estimated APS is low. If I lower it to 0.7 I loose temporal coherence. I am attaching reflectivity map and Amplitude Sability Index 1-Sigma/Mu to provide more context. I also tried to perform APS refinement but it gave me “field assignment to a non-structure array object” error.

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    Hi Aleksandra,
    if you get an error, send us the lasterror.mat file and the log file. Periodically we have troubles with forum files attachments, but if you make a .zip file containing mat and log files, you should be able to attach it.
    Concerning the bridge monitoring, it’s a non-standard analysis which requires some work. Usually we don’t provide this kind of services via the forum. Please write directly to the admin

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