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      Dear All

      I have a question about the APS processing. Actually by default values of m,p, and M (0.9, 0.95, 1) for Non-Linear Weighting, the coherency of Connections are very low, but for example these values (0.5, 0.5, 1) for these parameters, the coherency is better than. Can you help me about these parameters and the meanings of them?

      Best regards

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      The NL weights are used to decide which coherence values are good and which are not good.
      In fact, the value of the coherence is not universal. The value depends on the dataset that you are using (number of images and distribution of baselines) and on the parameters that you estimated (as deformation model, height and so on).
      The sw runs a test to decide which coherence value should be trustable depending on your dataset and on the options you used.
      There are cases where the sw cannot run the test, and you will get a message about that.
      In any case, the sw is suggesting you a set of numbers. You are free to change those NL weights to values that best fit your case.
      Be careful: if your situation is difficult and not stable, changing those numbers will greatly affect the spatial inversion of the graph. So, choose them wisely. In order to learn which values to choose, you need to practice.
      Good work

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      Dear Dr. Perissin

      Thank you so much about your best help about this subject. Actually, I need to process the 22 Envisat images for the landslide event in my study area. So, in this section of software, APS processing, I tried the different settings of these items, which you explained but unfortunately, I not succeeded to find the suitable setting for my study area and event. Can you help me for this problem?

      Best regards

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      Actually, I need to know which parameters and settings in APS Processing are important to investigate and good initializing for get the good results in landslide event.

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      Dear periz

      I investigated the different settings of APS processing for example attached this comment but, my results and PS coherency in not good. Can you help me for suitable setting in landslide event?


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