APS Processing in mountainous areas

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      I want to apply QPS on a mountainous area (attached MasterArea.kml) with 50 S-1 images. I selected dataset, applied preliminary analysis and preliminary geocoding. After all, at the APS processing step, I think something goes wrong.

      Although I have tried APS with different values, connections are not coherent. Blue color intensity is very high (attached screen1.png). How can I fix?

      Some details about the study given below. Thank you.

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      Participant some other files about study is here. Thank you.

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      Each situation is specific, depending on the area, the data, the objective of the analysis.
      I am not going to comment on your case, which would require analyzing many things.
      A simple general statement: this website contains a decent amount of information about the QPS approach.
      I am reporting here a single link, but there are many more:
      Please read it carefully and search further. There are also basic exercises proposed in the tutorials.
      If this is not enough, you can consider organizing a course in your area to learn more deeply the technology. We will be happy give you more details about our courses via email.

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