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    I am processing a data set 0f 24 Sentinel images with a Star Graph for the image combination.
    APS results show the lowest value (near to zero) at the date of the master, which I found weird. Changing the date of the master, I still get the lowest value at the master date.
    What can be a reason for that?
    The image is attached. I can provide more info if needed.

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    Sarproz estimates a residual phase that can be attributed to the Master image.
    I do not fully understand your meaning. Let’s say you have Image0 as Master and you get a low coherence at Image0. Then you change the reference image and you set Image1 as your Master. In this second case, which one is getting a low coherence value, Image0 or Image1 (old or current master)?
    In the first case, it seems to me everything is working well, and it is a suggestion that Image0 has some issue (some source of noise).
    In the second case, probably there is some other explanation. In such a case I’d like to see baselines and processing options you used in the APS module

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