Atmospheric Contribution In Single Interferogram

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    Greetings professor Perissin and SARPROZ team.
    First and foremost I would like to thank you for your valuable assistance throughout the year.
    In Western Greece (Ionian Sea) a substantial number of off-shore (near the coast) earthquakes have occurred of 5 to 5.5 magnitude and several farther from the coast of over 6 magnitude. As we process Sentinel 1 images to monitor the slight deformation on the islands, we expect to find one or one and a half fringes.
    Although, the atmospheric contribution can be as much as the estimated deformation, and thus, giving us misleading information.
    So I kindly ask for your guidance as we would like to know how could we remove this atmospheric contribution in single interferogram processing using SARPROZ.

    Best regards

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    We are just terminating a major update exactly to allow removing wide atmospheric effects and highlight local landslides. Wait maximum an other couple of weeks.

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    Hello professor
    That’s excellent news!
    Thank you for the reply once again.

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