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        Dear All,

        I have a few questions regarding baseline (temporal and spatial) and master scene selection . What is the best way to select a master in order to get best results? Is there any specific guidelines to get the best interferograms out of the SAR images? From what I’ve read and studied so far, the idea is to minimize the distance between master image and other slave images, in SARPROZ we can use the imagegraph (the star graph) to select the best master image. Is my understanding correct? Is there any other criteria besides distance?

        My main reference regarding the InSAR principles and guidelines from ESA (, could you please share any references for master image selection?


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          You are correct.
          Sarproz is also doing some further checks. E.g. in the recent releases it tells you explicitly if there was any kind of precipitation in the date chosen as Master. It’s important to avoid any possible source of errors in your Master image.
          Also, it would be a good practice to chose the Master image in winter, when the atmospheric noise is supposed to be smaller.
          However, in some cases you may discover later that your Master had orbital problems. This may generate spurious ramps in the parameters estimation. If this happens, you have many ways in Sarproz to remove such ramps later on in the processing.

          Your reference is fine.
          Here you find a simple multi-temporal InSAR chapter that I’ve recently written:
          Maybe you can find there some references more…

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