Beta release: hybrid batch processing mode

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    A new functionality is under development: hybrid batch processing mode (now available for downloading via “manage version”).
    The concept is that demanding processing operations are not executed from the main instance of Sarproz any more.
    Instead, the software can launch the operations in background, detached from the interface.
    In this way, you can keep browsing the tool while processes are executed in background.
    You can launch multiple jobs and they will be placed in the queue waiting for the previous ones to be completed.
    You can also remove a job from the queue by clicking again on its button. Or, if the job is in execution, you can kill it in the same way.
    A color code helps you identifying the status of the job: cyan = queued; magenta = under processing.
    Colors are not automatically updated, you need to press the “refresh” button.
    Log messages will not appear in the terminal. When a job is found finished by the refreshing operation, the log file is written in the site log (visible trough the site description module).
    For timely information about a completed job, fill in the email field with your address in the advanced parameters module. You will get an email when the job is completed.
    Drawback of the batch processing hybrid mode: a processing core must be used by the main instance of Sarproz. If you have only 2 cores, the processing will be executed using only one of them. However, if you have many cores, this mode allows you much greater flexibility.
    You can set the batch processing mode in the Advenced Parameters module, checking the corresponding flag.
    In the advanced parameters window you can also input the name of the cluster you want to use (set up by the matlab cluster manager).

    This mode is in preparation of the full batch mode without user interactions.

    In SLC data processing you can now execute all operations (master/slave extraction, coregistration) pressing only the coregistration button. In hybrid batch processing mode, after launching the coregistration, you can close the SLC processing window and you can task other processes from the Site Processing module, even before the coregistration is concluded.

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    One particular I forgot to add:
    the hybrid batch mode is now implemented in the SLC processing module and in the Site Processing for the following sections:
    – Preliminary Analysis
    – Preliminary Geocoding
    – InSAR processing
    Remaining sections are still under development.

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