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    I am trying to build a custom graph. I used a previously built graph and tried to ‘save as’ it using the coherence threshold box. The sw saves a mat file in the MATLAB folder. However, when I load the file in Matlab, the file is ‘zero sparse: 0-by-13’ (Even after converting the sparse matrix to full matrix, it is still the same 0-by-13 empty matrix). Can you please give us some guidelines for building a custom graph?

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    Hi Yasser, the reply of a similar answer is here:

    if your matrix is small is just because there were no interferograms with coherence higher than the threshold you used…

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    Thanks Daniele. I was able to load a custom graph. Can you please tell me what the values 0, 1 and -1 mean in each graph?

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    That is the incidence matrix of the images graph
    each row is a connection between 2 images
    each column represents an image
    in a row, 1 and -1 locate which image to take with the plus sign and which one with the minus
    interf = im1.*conj(im2) = a1.*exp(j.*ph1).*a2.*exp(-j.*ph2)
    read the various QPS papers in the publications section

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