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      Hello everyone,

      I would like to ask what parameters are crucial for coherence connection estimation? How to improve coh. connection in case of low results?

      I am constantly getting low coh. connection values, and most of connections are blue, while only on urbanized part of area of interest my connections are high.

      Below you can see the coh. connection graph and appropriate Google Earth screenshot, herein I would like to outline that lower coh. connection values are on the non-urbanized areas while high values are within the settlements and urbanized parts.

      What suggestion can be given for such case scenario: partially urbanized areas on image, with lot of vegetated areas between them. I am searching for movement of large, deep seated landslide on AOI. How to improve coh. connection values in such conditions? I am not sure that I can proceed to further steps with such connection results?

      Thanks in advance,

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      Hi Uros,
      before discussing about possible processing solutions, one has to observe well the data: how many images do you have and their temporal/geometric distribution, what sensor and acquisition mode, how do reflectivity map and amplitude stability index look like. Then, when the case is complex, better to generate also MST interferograms. When all these infos are available, we can check them and see what to do.

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      Dear prof. Perissin,

      Thank you for your answer and willingness to help me.
      Answer to your questions are following:
      1. I have 47 images, Sentinel 1A sensor, IW Beam mode, subswath 2, descending aq. mode
      2. Temporal and spatial distribution you can see on attached images and dataset plots & graphs that I believe can be useful to you
      3. I am also providing you reflectivity map and amplitude stability index plot from my dataset as attachments

      If you need more info for my data-set, please let me know.

      Looking forward for you precious help.

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