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    I performed the coregistration, everything went fine except for the warnings that the area cropped is too small (I cannot enlarge it without significantly reducing the number of images and it always worked despite of the warning, with possible phase ramps) and the displayed coregistered images looked fine.

    However, I got stuck at the reflectivity map computation, with the error that FITTED/X cannot be found (for all of the images except for master). In the FITTED/ directory I only found X.b.bak and X.jpg, and then the directories FORMER/ and LATTER/. I tried to copy the X.b.bak into X, it worked but the interferograms were incoherent and the coherence striped.

    Before, with the same software version, I processed another dataset, not noticing anything, but looking at it now, there are also some files X.f.bak (but together with X) in the FITTED/ directory. The interferograms are nice here, finally without phase ramps, thank you 🙂

    Attaching the logfiles for you to see what happened. Is the only problem here that the area is too small for the coregistration?

    Thank you for any help,


    (because of a very brief log, I am attaching also the end of the program report.)

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    Hi Dear Ivana,

    The bak file is a backup file so that when the fine-coregistration failed for one of the slave images, the code can “roll back” to this previous not-fine-coregistered version.

    Apparently in this case the code failed to “roll-back”. A simple manual solution would be to change yyyymmdd.b.back to yyyymmdd. This is the not-fine-coregistered image.

    You don’t need to care about FORMER and LATTER folder, they are just for temporary files.

    Meanwhile I will take a look at the codes to fix this bug that failed to roll back somehow.


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    Thank you for the explanation.

    However, in this case (see the log or the report I attached last time) the coregistration “concluded successfully”. I encountered this problem two times for different masters (there are not many possibilities for master selection due to weather and perp baselines) – and I never encountered it before… So, should I now perform the coregistration again? Probably with the same result?

    Thank you, Ivana

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