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    Dear Daniele,
    I have a problem with coregistration alos 1, 18 scene

    Slave images coregistration

    Master Points:
    Keeping existing files -if available- (to overwrite them, select the Overwrite option in Coregistration Parameters)
    Ignoring the External DEM
    Using regularized point-like features
    Searching for 9800 Points
    Warning: While loading an object of class ‘ParforProgress2’:
    Undefined variable “ParforProgressClient2” or class “ParforProgressClient2.createClient”.
    Warning: The following error was caught while executing ‘ParforProgress2’ class destructor:
    Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.

    An error occurred and was saved in the file lasterror.mat, directory F:\pcodes
    the lasterror in this attach file
    thank you,

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    This is not a coregistration error, it’s a java problem
    are you sure you are starting matlab from the pcodes directory?

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      Hi Daniele,
      Yes…you right. previously I just direct to pcode by changing its directory in MATLAB windows. now, I try to make a shortcut and started. pcode working well.

      thanks a lot.

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