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    Dear all,

    I am processing a stack of COSMO-SkyMed data. The coregistration refinement step returned these messages for all the images (i.e. for every couple of images used for the refinement):

    ampcorr 20140720-20150808: keeping previously generated files!!
    cull_points 20140720-20150808: 713 input, 192 output

    What is the meaning of these messages. Are the “previously generated files” related to the ‘coarse coregistration’ performed in the standard coregistration step? Can someone please clarify this? I hope this can be a useful information for everybody!

    Thanks a lot!

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    The coregistration refinement is doing 1 single operation:
    it is taking the external DEM and it is using it to resample the image by correcting topographic distortions.
    In other words, the sw is not going to re-process the cross-correlation between patches, this was already done during the initial co-registration (and this is the reason why it says that files from the amplitude correlation are kept).
    The coregistration refinement is kept separate at a later step to make sure that the DEM is well aligned with the data before using it to resample images.
    The sw knows when to keep co-registration partial results and when to re-process them. This can be used also for re-processing the coregistration after changing some parameters (so that only affected steps will be redone. steps not affected by the change will be kept unchanged). This improves efficiency and flexibility.

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