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        Dear all,
        recently we experienced issues in downloading weather data from Darksky.
        These issues are not preventing Sarproz from working properly. However, if your application requires precise temperature data, you’d be expecting the weather data download procedure to work effectively.
        Issues are caused by the https encryption protocols required by Darksky. The current Sarproz compiled version comes with some Java 1.7 routines, which do not support the encryption protocols required by Darksky. We have explored for a few days multiple solutions to this issue. At the moment, the best solution is letting matlab/Sarproz use a newer Java version.
        We are going to include some codes to check each particular situation, try automatic solutions, in case of failures give suggestions on what to do.
        In the meanwhile, here you can find the procedure for switching matlab/sarproz to the newer Java version installed on your workstation (this applies both to the pcodes and to the compiled version):
        In short, you need to set an environment variable, “MATLAB_JAVA”. Highly probably, you already have a recent Java version on your workstation (1.8 or later). Just find where it is installed and set the environment variable (as explained in the link above) pointing to the JRE folder.
        NOTE: we are not aware so far of any incompatibility issue that this operation could cause. However, we will need some time to check all situations. A more straightforward, long term, hassle free solutions is still under investigation.
        Thanks and best

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          Dear all,
          a beta version is now being uploaded on the update server.
          The new version is performing a few checks regarding the existing java installation and proposing or applying possible solutions.
          Being it a new implementation, we did not check yet every possible scenario, so, it will take some time to be improved and become robust. Please try it out and send your feedback.
          Use the Manage Version module to download and install it:


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