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        I would like to ask what are the recommended instruction if one is updating the dataset with new images, using the external data (temperatures) at the same time – either the number of scenes, or the number of temperatures must be changed first, and one then gets errors.

        And if I made it bad, how to get out of it, as I always get the same error (attached).

        Or, maybe the error was already in coregistration as the coregistered slaves could not be displayed however the process seemed to be OK.

        Thank you in advance, Ivana

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          hi Ivana,

          thanks for your message, indeed, I found a bug, introduced by an update, in a non-tested configuration.
          I am going to upload soon the bug fix.
          The error occurred while managing the index of images to add.
          You noticed that in your case the sw processed again all images (which should not happen).
          As a consequence, all images were added again (I guess) in the Doppler.txt file that you find in the IMAGES\IOFILES\SAR_PROC folder. This was causing the wrong assignment size.
          I believe that there are duplicate images listed in that file.
          If you remove the duplicate items, it will work.

          For solving the problem at the root, I fixed the code managing the index of images to add. Now it should work.

          About weather data update: the sw should automatically download the new data and place it in the right place.
          If you are using an external txt file with temperature data, it should work in this way: it tries to load your txt file, it sees that the vector has a wrong length, it automatically switches to a different configuration giving you a message.
          You just need to load a new txt file with the right length, and you can still use it.
          Let me know.


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            Thank you, it works if I remove the duplicate items from the file you suggest and also from DATASET_INFO/DataSet.txt


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              OK, and when I go into the Small area module, load the old data (to have the same points, ref. point etc.), then go through select area and sparse point selection (looks ok) and then into MultiImage InSAR Analysis,

              what is the problem here? what should I have done?

              Thanks, I.

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                the log file is very explicit
                u should carefully read the messages from the sw

                after the
                WARNING!!!!! The cube of loaded data contains 26 images, while the current dataset has 31 data
                You can load the data again through “Select Area”
                which it seems you read,

                then the sw says:
                reading phase-flat coefficients
                leggi_flat: at least one phase2flat is missing (/home/ivca/data/gisat/lahovice_sarproz/IMAGES/20150401/Phase2Flat)

                also, if you’d open the site processing, you’d see the operations that need to be performed to complete the update: buttons are plotted in yellow…


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