Decomposition E-W, Up-Down for differential interferograms

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      Dear mr Perissin and SARPROZ team

      I have created two co-seismic differential interferograms using Ascending and Descending orbits in order to detect the co-seismic deformation due to the last seismic event occured at Zakynthos island (Greece). My question concerns the methodology to follow in order to obtain the displacement decomposition (E-W, Up-Down) using my results.
      Thank you in advance

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      Sarproz implements EW/NS decomposition for A/D time series combination
      We did not yet developed the decomposition from pairs of A/D interferograms, since this can be done using GIS software. The decomposition is a simple geometric projection and it can be easily found from the bibliography. It is anyway on the todo list and we will eventually implement it in Sarproz.

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      Hello professor, thank you for your quick response and the additional info.
      The results of the co-seismic interferograms provided by SARPROZ are stunning. I am happy to inform you that we sent those results to the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization of Greece (EPPO) concerning the seismic event at Zakynthos, on which we are still working on.

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