Decomposition LOS to E-W and UP-DOWN

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    I try to use SARPROZ for decomposition deformations in LOS to deformations in E-W and UP-DOWN. I have two dataset – ascending and descending (data from Sentinel-1A, Sentinel-1B).

    I did the following:
    1. I have exported time series in “Sparse Points processing” (for ASC and DSC data). I have exported time series like .tsobj files.
    2. I have imported both .tsobj files in “Multi-sensor analysis”.

    My problem is that final exported KML-s for LOS Velocity, Vertical Velocity and E-W Velocity are exactly the same.

    I tried to export by “Time Series Module” but results are the same.

    I attach printscreens from processing.

    Please, can you help me?

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    Did you do process the 2 clouds of points?
    1- estimation of relative shifts (offsets)
    2- estimation of AD pairs
    here a brief description
    After having estimated those 2 things, you can plot vertical and horizontal components either on AD pairs or on a grid (not on the original points)
    in the future we will add more options for the grid
    also the time series resampling is not implemented yet

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    Yes, I tried both, estimation of relative shifts (offsets) and estimation of AD pairs. And I used AD pairs and grid but also in this case are my outputs the smame.

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    your case needs to be checked in person.
    if you did not solve it with ur colleagues, we need to find some time to look into it remotely

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