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      using sentinel 1 i got time series as def-trend.csv file. in that file there were some terms like sigma vel, sigma height, height wrt dem, can i get any tutorial or glossary pdf, which elaborate what represent those terms.

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      CSV file fields:

      ID – point reference id (sequential)
      LAT, LON – latitude and longitude
      SVET, LVET – sample and line, pixel SAR coordinates
      HEIGHT – relative to sea level (m)
      HEIGHT WRT DEM – relative to the external DEM (m)
      SIGMA HEIGHT – height estimation standard deviation
      VEL – deformation velocity in mm/year
      SIGMA VEL – velocity standard deviation
      SEASONAL – seasonal trend coefficient
      CUMUL.DISP. – point cumulative displacement (mm)
      COHER – tepomral coherence
      IN, FIN – target point on-off model
      STDEV – phase standard deviation from estimated model

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