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      I did APS estimation and my overall results looks good. However, I’m not happy with some of atmosphere phase estimation on specific dates like the enclosed one named “unexpected_atmosphere.jpg”. To me, it doesn’t make sense to have such an atmospheric phase over a city area. As I’m processing with Sentinel-1 and I have more than 60 images in the entire stack, I believe removing this specific date from processing will increase accuracy of time-series (by reducing noise) and it won’t affect temporal coherence as well. I wonder how can I remove one (or more) dates after APS estimation?

      If anyone thinks keeping this image will be more useful rather than removing it, please feel free to write down the reasoning.

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        Hi Mehrdad,
        your atmosphere is perfectly fine and no problematic at all. Values of the phase are close to ambiguity so you have a phase jump from -pi to pi but that is normal, the phase is wrapped. So, I strongly suggest you not to discard any images because you would just waste precious data. Generally speaking, unless you have huge problems (in such cases, images would fail even to coregister), don’t discard images.
        Anyway, to discard images, you just need to remove the corresponding line in the dataset.txt file in the dataset_info folder

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