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        is it somehow possible to check the parameters (output) of the DEM coregistration step? Roughly compared with an eye, it is ok (plotting refl. map and synth. amplitude) , however I would like to see the numbers, shifts (for each window) and cross-correlation.

        Or, better, is it possible to improve the DEM using an interferogram or more of them, like in 3-pass method? Ideally for all points, not just PS? Some of the interferograms are highly coherent, however a DEM error is well visible here.

        Thank you, Ivana

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          At this moment the preliminary geocoding options are:
          – keeping the orbits as they are
          – using an automatic way through an external DEM (which is done just comparing the reflectivity map with the synthetic amplitude)
          – using a manual ground control point

          Since the software was initially designed for high-quality high-resolution urban-structural analysis, the provided options were enough to cover all needs. In fact, if you want high-quality high-level preliminary geocoding, the only way is selecting a very good and very well visible GCP (as a lamp post).

          I understand that in some low-resolution distributed cases it would be good to consider also possible residual topographic phase.
          Thanks for the comment, we’ll take it into consideration and provide an update in the near future.

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