Displacement along line of sight and satellite track azimuth


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        Dear friends

        So far I could generate a displacement map from the Sentinel-1A SAR data with VV polarisation. However, what I need is the displacements along the LOS and Satellite along track. How can I extract such information from SARPROZ.

        Is there any way to combine different InSAR data, for example, ascending and descending tracks to optimally estimate the co-seismic displacements?

        Thank you all in advance.

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          the displacement you detect from InSAR is along the LOS.
          To get displacement along track, you may use pixel tracking.
          We do not have yet a proper specific module for pixel tracking, but you can still perform it.
          Here an exercise showing how to apply pixel tracking (the third tutorial):


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              I am also abit confused about the outcome of the SARPROZ

              Based on what I read in different sources. the displcament times eries that SARPROZ provides are all along the line of sight (LOS).

              However, there is a relationship between D vertical and D LOS as the follwoing:

              DLOS=Dvertical*(inclinationangle between the LOS and vertical direction)

              if this can be obtained as easy as this, maybe the SARPROZ also do this transfer automatically and my understanding is not correct

              would you mind explain abit about it.?

              I tried to find my answer by reading available tuturials and SARPROZ forum. but unfurtuntally i couldnt

              thanks ahead for your consideration

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