Doubling Number of Graph Connection to MST Estimation


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    Dear Prof.Daniele

    Based on your paper
    You have result in order to increase the effective temporal baseline, more connections can be added to the MST. By e.g. doubling the number of graph connections (selecting the most coherent interferograms not yet used).

    Could you tell me, how to create it using SARPROZ? Because, If I use SARPROZ, MST estimation tools directly processing. Hope you give me some tutorial.

    Best Regards,


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    Hi Ana,

    at this moment the “super-MST” is not implemented yet. The options are those you can see in the menu (star, mst, delaunay, small temp baselines, full graph and so on). However, as you can see you have the option to load your own graph. So, you can design yourself a kind of “super-MST”. You just need to learn the format of a graph. For that, you can build a custom graph using the coherence threshold box and click “save as”. You will see that the sw saves a mat file in the MATLAB folder. You can load the file in Matlab and look inside. I believe you can find out how to build your own graph using the same format…
    But if you have questions on that, post them here!

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