east-west and up-down time series

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    Hello everybody, I would like to estimate east-west and up-down time series from ascending and descending displacement time series. The time series function in the Multi-sensor module is not complete so is anybody aware of other tools (qgis) or techniques that can estimate the time series without extensive coding?

    Thank you!

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    Hello Dear All,
    I have the same question as mentioned by @adugna. IS there any way to analyze the Sentinel-1 data in the east-west direction in Sarproz. If there is, could you share documentation about that. Thanks

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    At the moment you can project the velocities using the Multi-Sensor module
    Here a bit of description
    In the next future we will implement also the projected time series export

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    Hi all,
    I don’t know if there is a QGIS tool to compute the up-down and E/W component, let me know if someone knows.
    Anyway, it is possible to follow this procedure: 1) starting from geocoded results, resample the measurement points (MPs) using the same grid for both ascending and descending; 2) for each cell, separately for asc and desc, compute the average velocity (to obtain a finer estimation you can use a weighted function accounting for the distance of the MPs from the cell center); 3) apply the vector composition to estimate up-down and E/W vectors. The LOS direction is in the SiteDescription.txt file (i.e. AcqHeading <<the angle with respect to the North>> AcqIncAngle: <<incidence angle with respect to the vertical direction>>)

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    There’s simple approach for LOS decomposition published here (see Appendix):

    The strategy is further described and applied for example here (Section 4. Results, end of page 4):

    Although, east-west component refers to “azimuth look direction” here and only 2 orbit tracks are used, for obtaining east-west component and more robust transformation 3 or more satellite tracks should be used (some details can be found here: Obtaining vertical component should be even easier as you just need to multiply LOS displacement with cosine of an incidence angle.



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      Hello Dear Friends, Could you please share with me a document that explains the steps of east-west displacement in Sarproz by using Sentinel1 data. I will really appreciate your support.

      Thank you very much.

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