enhancing accuracy of time series results

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        Dear prof. Prission,
        Could you please give me suggestion and opinion about my PS-InSAR results?
        I have processed 222 Sentinel-1 images from 2015 to 2022 and attached the results. The velocity range is between -3 to 2 mm/year and where we have high height the velocity is positive and the pattern of uplift has correlation with topography. Do you think the model is overfitted or I did something wrong?
        What do you suggest that might enhance the accuracy of the results?

        Kind regards,


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          1. you did not include all pictures (velocity is not visible). you have to compare all parameters in the same coordinate system (like in sar coordinates)
          2. if height and velocity are correlated, something is wrong
          3. the range of values to be estimated is too small (both for velocity and height). also, you have lots of images, it means no risk to overfit. take a broader range of values in the estimation

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