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        Dear colleagues,

        I have a problem with the pcodes at the moment of the start of the software. Specifically, I riceve a message with this fallowing error code:

        “>> fig=main

        Welcome to SARPROZ

        by Daniele Perissin, copyright 2009-2022,

        Messages from this session are written in file 20_Oct_2022_08_56_35_sarproz.log
        directory D:\SARPROZ\pcodes_newVersion

        MATLAB 9.9 (R2020b) 29-Jul-2020

        pcodes generated on: 08-Sep-2022 11:09:31, dtype: 0,

        Java Version: Java 1.8.0_241-b07 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode

        Configuration check…
        ERROR CODE 006

        Authorization not released.”

        Currently, I’m using the MATLAB version 2020b. The issue doesn’t appear with the compiled version of SARPROZ.

        What does mean this error code? Furthermore, there is a SARPROZ error list?

        Thanks you for your attention

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          usually, when you get license problems, the software tells you to send the license.key file to licensing at sarproz dot com. they will tell what is the problem related to your license
          it seems anyway that your license.key file is corrupted. if the compiled version is working on the same workstation, copy the license file in the compiled directory and replace the file in the pcodes directory

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            Thanks you! It worked

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