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        As I try to process the GCP selection, an error occurs in downloading the COPERNICUS DEM (the one I chose for my external DEM). I have properly followed the instructions for inputting my verified DEM account (both correct username and password) and I would always run into the said problem. In the command prompt, the following lines appear:

        sftp_multi_platf: job “get” failed!
        please try the following:
        1. open your preferred program for ssh or sftp connections (filezilla, putty, winscp or any other)
        2. connect to host through port 990
        3. you should be asked to accept the security keys, answer affirmatively
        4. you do not need to login, just kill the process
        if keys are accepted, try to download the data again!
        error downloading file mapping.csv
        1. download mapping.csv from ftps://
        2. put mapping.csv into C:\Users\XXXXX\Downloads\New folder\SAMPLEX\..\SRTM\COPERNICUS folder
        leggi_dem: problems in reading COPERNICUS data, aborting
        guess_the_height: no DEM available!! Aborting!!
        SAR2xyz: empty Height, aborting!!!!
        save_gcp: Error in Coordinates Transformation, aborting

        How do I get through this problem?

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          did you do the steps suggested by the software?

          generally speaking, keep always in mind this:
          and report log files and error files, if any.
          are you using the last version of the software?


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              I did not follow the steps since I do not know and understand where to fix them correctly. Yes, I am currently using the latest version of the software (27-Feb-2024).

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                I have tried the SFTP connection and followed the instructions, but it ended up not connecting to the server. In turn, no DEM files were downloaded

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