Error in custom datatip string function

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    what does this error mean?

    I (repeatedly, consistently) cannot get information/timeseries for this point… is the reason that the two points are too close to each other?

    Thank you,

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    you insist willing to include dependent pixels, and this is a clear example that dependent pixels create only problems, without increasing a single little bit the information that you can extract
    in that plot you have 2 scatterers, one covering 3 pixels, the other one covering 2 pixels
    the height you estimate is fake, because it’s pixel dependent
    anyway finally they are all geocoded in a single point in space (the discrepancy still exisiting is due to the subpixel position of the scatterer, something that you can clearly estimate only if you throw away dependent pixels)
    you can read the high res urban dem paper on this
    anyway, about the error, if you do not include the lasterror.mat we cannot help

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    Yes. In fact, all the pixels displayed correspond to one corner reflector. I am playing with the data to see if the reflectors are really visible, the interpolation of the position and phase will be the next step for me to try.

    But the problematic pixel is the one I expect to be the center, with the highest intensity. I did not meet this problem looking for other reflectors in the scene, also with many points at very close positions.

    I am attaching the lasterror.mat, however I think it does not correspond to the error as it is half-an-hour older (probably different error from different instance of sarproz, already solved). Also, nothing is displayed on the command line due to this error. I can get the information about all the surrounding points.

    This problem is not critical for me, I only wanted you to know about it.


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    once again

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    Hi Ivana,
    the error there is related to the SLC data module (by the way, to check it, you just need to type “disp_err” at the matlab command prompt -if you work with the compiled version, just copy the lasterror.mat in the working directory of any Matlab session [disp_err.p works independently and even without license]-).
    Sometimes it may look like a bit cryptic, but by reading the explicit message and in which module it happened, it should give an idea…
    To select points geolocated at the same position like in your case, probably the following trick could work: check the 3D flag and rotate the points to see them aligned along the vertical direction. Probably in this way you can select them, because they will be located at different heights…

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    No, there are not two points geolocated at the same position (according to CSV, as point 699 can be clicked on, point 700 gives this error and 701 is somewhere else).

    Here is the output from disp_err (putting it all, but I am afraid that most of it is related to the other instance run in the compiled version (this instance is run under matlab, sorry for the mess) (I do not understand it, no experience with matlab GUI):

    >> disp_err
    file: ”
    name: ‘@(hObject,eventdata)analisi_sito(‘TagPlotInterfs_Callback’,hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject))’
    line: 0

    file: ‘/home/ivca/.mcrCache8.3/main_10/periz/SAR/matlab/guide/analisi_sito.m’
    name: ‘analisi_sito’
    line: 67

    file: ‘/home/ivca/.mcrCache8.3/main_10/periz/SAR/matlab/guide/analisi_sito.m’
    name: ‘TagPlotInterfs_Callback’
    line: 605

    file: ‘/home/ivca/.mcrCache8.3/main_10/periz/SAR/matlab/guide/plot_interfs_read.m’
    name: ‘plot_interfs_read’
    line: 168

    file: ‘/home/ivca/.mcrCache8.3/main_10/periz/SAR/matlab/guide/go.m’
    name: ‘go’
    line: 52

    file: ‘/usr/local/MATLAB/MATLAB_Compiler_Runtime/v83/mcr/toolbox/matlab/uitools/uiwait.m’
    name: ‘uiwait’
    line: 70

    MException with properties:

    identifier: ‘MATLAB:set:BadHandle1’
    message: ‘Invalid handle’
    cause: {0x1 cell}
    stack: [6×1 struct]

    Invalid handle

    As I said before, not critical for me.


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    If you don’t understand Matlab,
    then maybe not much to do…

    I try to give you a hint to read the message shown by disp_err in any case..:
    The list of files tells you the inter-dependency between them (the sequence of calls) at the moment the error occurred.
    The list starts from the upper level.
    You were in Site Processing (“analisi_sito”), you were plotting interferograms (“plot_interfs_read”), and the error occurred at the function “go” used for stopping between one interferogram and the other (precisely, at the “uiwait” matlab function -the path tells you whether they are sarproz or matlab functions-).
    The error message “invalid handles” means that the matlab graphic function was trying to access a figure which does not exist any more or which is in someway lost. This usually happens in case you killed something or you forced some windows to close.
    -so, again, the error did not occur at the geocoding module-

    About selecting points: did you try my 3D trick?

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    OK, thank you.

    this is the “error” I get many times, however not important (I was not sure if the list is for one error or for more). I considered other error which – apparently – does not do any log into the logfile and even to the lasterror. It is probably only displayed in the bottom part of the geocoding window. No problem.

    Yes, I tried the 3d trick to rotate: now I know there are not more points at the same location.

    Regards, Ivana

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