Error in Running the main.exe file

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    Dear all users

    Thanks so much for your attention. I have a problem in running this software, according to the manual for win, after installing the suitable version of MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR), I run the main.exe file to use the software but I see this error:

    “Welcome to SARPROZ

    by Daniele Perissin, copyright 2009-2016,

    Messages from this session are written in file 15_Dec_2016_04_05_19_sarproz.log
    directory C:\Information\Javad\SARPROZ
    ParforProgressServer2: error while calling setup(). Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 10106: socket
    Warning: The following error was caught while executing ‘ParforProgress2’ class destructor:
    Java exception occurred:

    at ParforProgressServer2.stop_program(

    at ParforProgressServer2.done(

    [> In ParforProgMon at 154
    In main>check_java at 258
    In main at 62]

    Sarproz is going to set the Java Path. After that you’ll need to restart it.

    File C:\Information\Javad\SARPROZ\javaclasspath.txt correctly modified

    WARNING: you need to exit and restart the software!! ”

    Can you help me about this error and problem?

    Best regards

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    Dear Mirzadeh,
    sorry for the late answer.
    The software is telling you to close the application and start it again, I suppose you did it and it did not solve your issue.
    Then it should be a java problem. Are you using both IPv4 and IPv6?
    try the following:
    open cmd as administrator and run:
    netsh winsock reset
    the launch the software again
    let me know

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    Dear Periz

    Thank so much. I use the IPv4 connectivity internet without any of proxy. Unfortunately, I don’t understand your solution for my problem, and can’t perform it. Is it possible to describe your statement more clear?

    Best regards

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    Dear Periz

    Thank so much. I performed your solution but unfortunately, my problem wasn’t solved. Could you please help me for solve this problem? I so need this software for my analysis and research.

    Best regards

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