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      Dear all,

      I am trying to process some ERS-1/2 and Envisat images.
      When I click on “Set Orbits” in Data selection, it seems that it is not possible to download orbit files from the server:

      Could not open a connection to “”, port “21”.

      Checking this server, it says to be under Maintenance since 7 September 2018. Is there another source for downloading the orbit files? Maybe some mirror of this server?

      I am attaching the lasterror.mat

      Thanks in advance,

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      Hi Antonio,
      for the moment I tell you that we modified the code to manage the error. We will upload a new version in the next hour or so.
      In the meanwhile someone is looking into the site maintenance/ESA changes of policies and hopefully we will get some new infos soon.

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      Dear all,
      the policy of ESA for the distribution of orbit data is changing over the last months.

      The automatic download will be implemented again in SARPROZ soon.

      In the meanwhile, you can go on by downloading the orbit files manually. Once downloaded, you can load the orbits in SARPROZ by using the procedure described at the following instructions:

      To manually download the orbit files, you have to register an account at the ESA Earth Online portal

      Click on “Register” (top of the page) and create an “EO-SSO” account. Then, once logged-in in the “MyEarthnet” section:

      1) click on “Data Access–> Browse Data Products” then search for “DORIS Orbit” and click on “Get Data.

      2) The system will ask you to provide some information (geographical extent of your area of interest, application field, a short summary of your activities. If you want, you can say that you are going to use such data with SARPROZ);

      3) Once the request is accepted (usually, near-real time), you will find the product in the “My Online data” clicking on the “MyEarthnet” section (top of the page).

      4) for the PRARE Precise ERS orbit (PRC) do the same procedure from the point 1 (you will probably not asked to fill the module described at point 2 again).


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      Thank you very much for your support!


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