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      I’ve exported height to Earth Google Pro because I created DEM from Sentinel 1. Only that my image has holes (Annex 1,2) and everything looks good in the program (Annex 3). Why is this happening?
      In addition, how can I generate a file with co-ordinates and highs, for example csv for the DEM I obtained? Because when I do it through Sparse Data Export, I have to do Load Mask first and when I choose Height, only one point is generated.

      Thank you for every help 🙂


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      And attachments 🙂

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      Hi Carolina,
      you should reduce the size of your attachments (pictures), the maximum allowed should be 2MB.
      There are many ways to export results to google, you do not say how you did it.
      In your case, you should use the “GeoOut” function in the “filter/matrix visualization” frame in the “scatter plots” module:
      To use that, you have firstly to select the points you want to export. Those points are those you unwrapped. How did you select them? I guess via the coherence. Good: use the coherence of your interferogram to select again those points via “load mask”. Just pick up “choose inter. coherence” from the drop down menu and select your interferogram.
      Once those points are selected, you can also export successfully points with the “sparse data export” module in csv format.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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