Exporting time series for a subset area only

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      I have a Time series object processed a while back and now I would like to export a kml with time series only for a smaller area.
      Is it possible? I have created a mask using the kml of the subset area but I think that doesn’t wok in the time series module.
      Any thoughts?

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      In the time series module you can do mainly 2 things:
      1. creating a new time series object, based on whatever set of points you want. For doing that (a) you need the data of the whole project to generate new time series and (b) you need to load the set of points using “load mask”. There you are free to create your custom point selection
      2. loading an existing time series object. in this case, the only possible sub-selection of points is based on the temporal coherence. You cannot subset an area.
      * However, a possible workaround is the following: you can export your data in csv format and then select points within an area using e.g. excel. Data can then be imported in a GIS and also time series visualized with the appropriate plugin. Not sure if there are plugins to export then in kml.
      * Last option which needs a bit more work is doable if you have matlab: loading the time series object from low-level sarproz functions, spatial subsetting, exporting in kml…

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      Thanks, Daniele,
      I thought of the workaround in exporting to CSV, then GIS, etc., but I am not aware of ways to export kml with Time series.
      Maybe this is something to consider for future developments?

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