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        1. Please read carefully this post.

        2. Before starting a new topic, please take the time to search the material on the Sarproz website, in the forum, in the manual and in the tutorials. To find a particular topic, you can use the Search function on the forum main page (input the text of your query in the gray box).

        3. To start a new topic, please find an appropriate, concise and meaningful title. Titles as “Problem” or “Help” will not be accepted. The title should clearly identify the topic of the discussion.

        4. The text of the post should be concise but detailed. If you want to receive an answer, give all details for understanding the situation: what you want to achieve, what you are doing, which data you are processing, what the problem is, which function you are using, what options.

        5. If you need to add attachments, the size of each file should be less than 2MB. If you want to share a picture and the picture is too big, choose a compact format or reduce the resolution.

        6. If you encountered an error, please include log file and lasterror.mat. If you input your email address in the advanced parameters of Sarproz, you will get those files via email. Otherwise, consider that there is a temporary log file in the Sarproz folder, but its content is moved to a permanent log file in the project folder when you quit the software or change the project. So, before attaching the temporary log, make sure it contains useful messages.

        7. Inappropriate or not useful posts will be removed.

        8. Do not reply to this post.

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