Geocoding (Small Area Processing)

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    Dear All
    At this first post, I´d like to thank and recognize the enormous labour developed by Daniele Perissin and co-worker, and subsequently, I´d like to ask for help in relation to one more or less trivial aspect (I think) of the Small Area Processing. Once selected an area and a set of sparse points I dealt successfully with the Multi Image InSAR Analysis. But when trying to geocode the result (choosing “Geocoding” at the “Small Area Processing”) I have the message “Here a glimpse: Reference to non-existent field Detfw”. According to the tutorials, three is nothing to do after pressing the button “Show results” at the Multi Image InSAR Analysis window, and before pressing “Geocoding”. What is then the problem? What am I doing wrong?
    Attached you will find a rar including the date_sarproz.log and the lasterror.mat files
    Thank you very much in advance

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    Hi Felipe,
    our updating system is based on a first level of tests and then a second one based on feedbacks from beta versions. You got a beta version error that has already been solved. You can find the solution by downloading the last version.
    You can understand if your error belongs to a beta version by checking the list of updates in the Manage Version module. In such a situation, you can either check for new versions or switch back to a previous one before major changes were applied to the module that is giving an error.
    I hope this helps

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    Thank you Dan
    Error fixed now

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