Google Earth Crashes in Ubuntu

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      I was able to run the GE without a problem but I am facing an issue of crash while I trying to call the GE from sarproz. I reinstall the GE it worked one time but when I again called it from Sarproz it again stared crashes. I really not sure if this is a issue related to GE code itself or caused by Sarproz. Please suggest if anyone have some experience in dealing with this issue.
      Thanks a lot.

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      hi KM
      GE has some issues in linux. If it crashes without reasons, you should re-install it. If it crashes when called from Sarproz, probably it’s because there was already an other GE instance running. We did not find yet an external solution for this. So, Sarproz offers an option to manage it “internally”: there is a flag for disabling the automatic GE call. You find the flag in the advanced parameters window. After disabling it, if you click on a button that calls GE, Sarproz will still produce the kml/kmz output, but without calling GE. Kml/kmz outputs are in 2 folders, inside RESULTS: GEO and GEO_SPARSE. If a kml/kmz is already loaded in GE and you are updating it, you can right click on the object in the places list in GE and click on “revert” in the menu. This will have the kml/kmz be read again from the disk and refreshed.

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