How to process SBAS-InSAR

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        Hi, Professor,

        I saw tutorials about PS-InSAR,few information about SBAS-InSAR. Now I have few scenes images,so I want to process SBAS,could you please tell us differences about process steps between PS and SBAS in this software?

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          There is nothing called “SBAS” in my software
          But you have many ways to process your data and in some ways do something similar to SBAS.
          E.g. select an images graph (i.e. a set of interferograms) that best suites your case
          – filter and unwrap interferograms
          – apply an unwrapped (UW) time series estimation
          You can either follow the classic steps of APS estimation and then re-process the time-series after APS removal.
          or you could also simply save the inverted parameters in the APS module. In this way you can get a map e.g. of movement, but you will not be able to get the time series. For generating time series you must estimate the APS.

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