Importing ALOS focused from NASA

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    I am trying to import a series of ALOS PALSAR focused by NASA (I guess with ROI_pac) but I haven’t been successful so far.
    I am using the compiled version of SARPROZ for windows.
    The zip file that I have received are of this from: D26075_1_A3_26420.tar

    If I untar them, I get a folder called “product” with the series of files as per the figure attached.

    I understand that for files focused with DORIS I have to copy the files into the SLC folder and change the name of the files in yyyymmdd.led and yyyyymmdd.slc.

    First, why the date is not in the ALOS file name yet? Should I manually look at all the metadata and rename them?
    I have done that four a couple of images but it did not work.
    Also, I see that there are two polarization separately without the file extension (e.g. IMG-HH-ALPSRP123290820-H1.1__A). Assuming that this is the SLC, I tried to rename it in yyyymmdd.slc with no success.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you in advance for your support

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    Hi Janbu,
    I do not know myself the Doris/Roi-Pac formats, we should wait for an advice from someone else. But the files you attached above look like coming directly from the data provider (or at least they look like in the same format). So, try the following: untar you file in a sub-directory (like “D26075_1_A3_26420”) inside the SLC folder and load it in Sarproz. You might be lucky. If not, tell us what goes wrong.

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      Yes, these ALOS PALSAR files must have come from the NASA Alaska Satellite Facility DAAC. They use the standard JAXA processing software. Only the outer zip or tar needs to be unpacked and the “product” folder entered to get the JAXA product format.

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      I followed your instructions and it worked. Yes, the files were focused by the NASA ASF, and I mistakenly thought that were focused with ROI_PAC.

      Thank you everyone for your help.

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      Thank you, Professor Fielding, for your participation in the forum.:)


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    Hello Janbu,

    You have the ALOS SLC files there already. You don’t need to rename anything. Please follow the advice periz offered above and it should work. You can let us know how it goes.


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