Improving geocoding results of Sentinel data

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    Hello again!
    I’d like to possibly precise geocode my results. I remember, that you suggested to manually choose ground control point, but because of Sentinel’s resolution even with manual intervention I can’t put my data together with geo coordinates. There is often some shift. It also doesn’t seem to be possible to use external DEM for ground control point choice, since there isn’t a lot of mountains or other strong features on my pictures and coast line doesn’t seem to help. Initial orbit files work the best by now, but is there a way to make corrections through processing or am I being too demanding towards data with 5x20m resolution?
    Also, while Geocoding in Small area processing there is an opportunity to shift points left or right. Is it possible to move them up and down?

    Hoping for your help,

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    hi Jaroslav,
    about geocoding improvement, up to this moment we used a matlab function in case of need (as you point out, when the GCP is precise, the geocoding is good enough)
    this is the matlab function:
    it shifts the data OffsE meters to the West (to East if OffsE is negative)
    and OffsN meters to the South (to North if OffsN is negative)
    deletes the current offsets file
    (otherwise, the shift is applied relatively to the existing offset file)
    we will soon include it in the GUI (so you can use it also in the compiled version).
    About the small area, please update your code, there are some new features. Later we can discuss more about modifying the height.

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