"Index Exceeds Matrix Dimensions"

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    Hi Daniele,

    As the title suggests, I get a matrix dimensions error when opening S-1 SLC images.

    Please see the log file for details. Thank you.

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    Hi Dimitris,
    1. please take the time to read the messages from the software. You can learn a lot from them. They are included in the log file you attached.
    2. one of the messages says: “If you need assistance, please include the file lasterror.mat “. without that file we cannot help.
    3. here you have some material to learn how to use the software
    4. as it says here and here you have to create a project folder. And we suggest you to do it in a proper disk dedicated to SAR projects. Sarproz generates a directory tree with also some common folders shared with other projects. Making an SLC folder on the desktop is strongly unadvised.

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